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International Company Health Insurance

Global commerce continues to stretch boundaries and more and more companies are looking to operate internationally.  

Should you be opening an office in a new territory, or sending a valued employee and their family to a new location this can be exciting but also pose challenges specifically from a “duty of care” but also “cost” perspective.

An International Health Insurance policy will provide your employees to access to centres of medical excellence anywhere in the world and also to a standard which your assignee may be accustomed to in their host country. 

Our UK FCA regulated specialists work with over 15 of the world’s leading global health insurers to support any specific challenges you have to support your globally active employees & families too.

Whether you are looking to review an existing international health insurance policy, or conduct a global benefits review for the first time, please click on the link below and our panel will be delighted to help.

Immediate access to centres of medical excellence across the world

Repatriation and evacuation in a medical emergency

24/7 multi-lingual medical helpline

Fast access to the treatment you need